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How much does wedding flowers cost in Ireland?

So you just got engaged and now you have entered into a whole new world when it comes to planning a wedding and of course the cost. For short there is no straight answer to what wedding flowers will cost you, lots of factors come into play here as to what you will want for your wedding etc.

What one couple will want will be different from the other, everything is done on a quote based and this is because for a number of reasons.

  1. Type of service: Yes that is right, there are different services available for weddings. Most popular is your full floral set up, which is the works for your wedding, or a more simple pick up/drop off option. Both will have different starting price points.

  2. Volume of flowers: Not every floral designer or florist will work with the same amount of flowers per design as everyone's style is different and the same goes for a couple. Their request could be that they want lots of blooms in a design compared to a couple wanting less. Price point is going to be different.

  3. Types of flowers : A couple requested a very high end priced flower and want lots of them - of course this is going to have a different pricing point. Most wedding florists will work with high grade premium wedding flowers and this is more to do with the quality of the blooms and wanting the best for your day.

  4. Couple's exceptations : If a couple is going to request lots of installation work for example with lots of flowers everywhere, that is going to look different compared to a much low key set up. There can be additonal charges for labour to get the job done in the lead up to your wedding day. A team might have to be allocated to go on site a day or 2 before to start this work onsite.

  5. Minimum charges: We all have them. All floral designers and wedding florists will have a minimum in place. This is simply a minimum spend requirement for wedding flowers. Lots of factors will come into play as to why this will be different for one business to another. Overheads, exclusivity, limited weddings they might only take on etc.

  6. Couple's requirement: Every wedding will have different requirements when it comes to the ceremony and reception space, but also size of bridal party.

  7. Extra charges: onsite labour, VAT, travel and overnight charges etc.

Ceremony wedding flowers on steps
Wedding floral meadow

First thing you need to understand when it comes to your wedding flowers. You are paying for a service and designed flowers for your wedding, which in the flower world will have a high cost compared to your wedding photographer for example, as flowers come at a cost before we even get started. You are also paying for our expertise, style and experience. What you see on your wedding day is the end result. There is a build up of preparations, designing, ordering, conditioning of flowers, prepping of designs, onsite delivery and set up, then pack down......phew! Alot involved right?

Bride and 3 bridesmaids flowers
Bridal flowers

So the best advice I can give you all is, know what budget you have in mind that you are allocating to your wedding flowers is the first step in your wedding planning. On average allow 10-20% of your overall wedding budget as a guide. Now this can vary from wedding to wedding, design exceptations etc, it could be more and it could be less. But have that number figured out before you go looking for your perfect wedding florist. By having this it helps us know where to make the most out of your budget, recommendations and give you the best impact to your wedding space.

On average our couples spend anything from €3,000 to €8,000 + with our full floral set up and styling, these are couples that love flowers and want it to be the feature of their day, creating a beautiful atmosphere and space to their wedding day.

Flower meadows beside wedding cake
Wedding cake flowers

So to help you formulate a rough idea of what individual florals will cost, please see a rough list below of our popular floral items.

Bespoke designed Bride's bouquet with hanging silk ribbon €160 - 250+

Bridesmaid's Bouquet €95+

Boutonniere with Silk Ribbon finish €15 each

Pocket boutonniere €25 each

Alter /Ceremony table arrangement €120 - €500+

Floral aisle meadow €120- €350 + per piece

Start of aisle Meadow from €250- €500+ each

Low rambling ceremony Backdrop / grounded floral arch from €1000-€2500+

Split Floral arch from € 950- €2500+

Bud vases €15 + each

Footed bowl table arrangement from €120 - €250 + each

Table flower cloud €85 - €150+ each

Table runner centre meadows. Starting €95- €200+ per piece (Suitable for banquet style tables)

Table end floral meadows €160 - €300+ each

Wedding flowers along table centre with black table cloth
Table floral runner

So get out there and follow your favourite wedding florist / floral designer today! Don't wait a second, get inspired and follow what they do! You will know the right person for you, your style and your wedding!

If it is me, get in touch sooner rather than later because i would love to hear from you and create that floral magic for your wedding day.

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