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Welcome to my world of a job I just love doing and is very passionate about! I I'm Laura the owner, founder and creative director ( sound's very fancy!) of Wild Feather Event Styling. Behind the scenes I I'm just an everyday gal, a wife and a mum, who loves the great outdoors, road trips and art.

I always had a natural fleur for art and design, the arty one in the family. From a young age I always had vision to see things differently and creatively putting things together. My art and design background got put to one side and I wanted to travel the world and fly so to say. After many years away from Ireland, it was time for a career change, and I created Wild Feather Event Styling.

Laura , Owner of Wild Feather Event Styling
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Owner of Wild Feather event styling

How our journey began was a very easy one. Myself and my partner lived overseas in New Zealand for many years, so when we got engaged we wanted a very chilled out, kiwi style wedding in Ireland. You might be thinking well what does kiwi style wedding look like?


Very simple really, we wanted to have a ceremony our way, outdoors. This was when I notice that there wasn't many alternative options in the Irish wedding market for couples. From alternative ways to celebrate your day to decor and styling. Ireland was very much only providing for the traditional market, but what about the couples that wanted something different? 

This was the start of creating Wild Feather Event Styling, bringing something a little fresh and creative, developing unique services was the core part of what we were going to be about. Creating Ireland's first business to offer true authentic Bohemian decor hire, Pop Up Ceremonies, as well as Boho Picnics adding something a little different to add to your celebrations.

For Wild Feather, I get  inspired by international trends, as well as top leading wedding industry designers.  I wanted Wild Feather to be a part of the movement of more outdoor, alternative weddings and events. and most importantly to be a part of something more magical by creating weddings that is a reflection of our couples and clients.

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