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Feeling like an Alternative wedding?

Updated: Feb 27

Are you thinking of something different and alternative for your wedding? At wild feather event styling we might have the answer for you. There are so many ways to incorporate alternative elements into your wedding. Whether it is your invites, ceremony, venue, flowers, décor even food there are endless possibilities.

Couples now more than ever are wanting something different, they are gearing towards the great outdoors, tipi styled marquee, food carts and whimsical décor touches and of course abundance florals that aren't the norm to your traditional wedding. Recent trends are showing that brides and grooms are opting for much smaller weddings. We are starting to see couples now wanting to show their personalities to reflect throughout their day, and traditional weddings rules are being put to one side with couples doing it their way. Planning a wedding is a very exciting time, especially when it comes to looking for inspiration. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to look for inspiration for your own wedding, save those images and post you love, as they will come in handy when it comes to deciding your final details for your wedding.

Our biggest tip when starting your planning for something alternative , is find the right venue! Planning a small wedding gives you loads of options and creative ways to have the most amazing small wedding. Alternative venues are out there! A great starting point is deciding what vibe do you like to have, is it modern, rustic, low key or classical. Once you have picked your perfect venue then everything else aligns so well, even your flowers! It becomes effect less and will just align with you perfectly as a couple.

Image 1 + 3 by Olga Hogan Photography

Image 2 by Kate Nolan Photography

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