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Creating a branding shoot that is us!

When I started Wild Feather event styling, I never considered the possibility of having a photoshoot about us! Something like this never cross a new business owner's mind in the early days of owning a business. But as time went on we really wanted to be able to show our style through imagery.

Pinterest and Instagram are the places were couples look and search for their inspiration for their wedding day. We have all done it...spend hours searching through images, of what we like and saving them. Pinterest is becoming the number one space for where couples, start their planning with collection ideas and getting inspired for their day.

So we had a thought!! We wanted to be the images that couples save for their own inspirations of our work! To get the ball rolling on this we had to start with having a branding shoot. Most people will ask well why a branding shoot?

This step I felt was important to get our foundation of style addressed across the board. For our social media, website and of course to give a clear vison to couples to what we are about and the styles we can create on their wedding day.

Of course choosing the right photographer for us was a no brainer. We wanted someone that suited our style and be able to capture the images in a way that was authentic and suited our boho style. Of course getting in touch with Kate Nolan Photography was a breeze! I just love her style and of course dark moods in some of her imagery. Not only that she was just magic to work with and directed me on what I had to do in terms of posing etc.

We had big plans for the day and was hoping to get a few shoots outside. But mother nature had her way that day, and we couldn't set up our gorgeous new triangle arch! It was just too unsafe with the strong winds. Most of our set ups were focus indoors, which the Armada Hotel offered us lots of space to be able to play around indoors safely.

I had pre planned everything to what I wanted to do, but our main focus was to show couples what can be done in a contemporary space for their wedding. Also our focus was on small weddings, helping couples to visualize what that may look like on their day.

Our first look was of course the Couple's table!

I wanted to show how you can make the top table special with us the two of you. With restrictions still in place, there is that ongoing debate with couples in regards to who get to sit with them under the current guidelines. My thoughts would be scrap it! Save the headache, and just a have it as the two of you. What better way to enjoy your first dinner together than at your wedding, also allowing you time together and just being able to take it all in.

Next up we wanted to create a banquet style table lay out for six guest. Our forest inspired centrepiece was inspired by all our botanical couples that are loving greenery at the moment. So we wanted to go the extra mile and create a centrepiece that added a bit of height on the table but still keeping it a more casual affair.

Our last table set up, was actually inspired by our couples. With a love for our stands and wanting something with pampas we created this beauty! We are so proud of it!

But unlike the pieces we have done for weddings before, we had added a second arrangement at the base finishing it off with candles around the arrangement rather than underneath.

This display was more about showing couples how you can have a though of boho glam in a modern wedding venue. Finishing the dining chairs off with weaved style draping was just the trick and finished it off beautifully.

We then of course couldn't have a set up with out a cake to finish it all off! We created two backdrops for the cake display, just to show how you can make your wedding cake a feature in your wedding day. Bella Baking kindly offered us not one but two cakes! She was a dream on site, working away finishing off her magic on her cakes for his to display.

Of course no branding shoot would be completed if we didn't have our Boho picnics! Showing off our new look to our picnics, this had to be my post favourite part of our shoot. Kate was in love with this set up! All the extra textures was just a photographers dream! We went all out creating an authentic Moroccan vibe of rust and greens.

Last put not least we went for a styled flat lay, which I recommend every couple to do for their wedding invites with their wedding rings. We wanted to showcase our new bohemian style wedding menus and place names, that we now can create for our small weddings and events. This really adds and extra wow to your guests but also a little keepsake also.

On top of this we have loads of amazing professional head shots, which we hope to share with you all over time!

We had so much fun at this branding shoot with Kate that we are planning a a round two!

We don't know when...but we are hoping very soon this summer in an alternative venue!

So watch this space!

Laura x

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