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70's Inspired Weddings

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Are you thinking about having a boho styled wedding? There’s lots of ways in which you can incorporate vintage elements into your wedding styling and décor. Here are our tips from The Little Event Hire Co on having a 70’s inspired wedding.

Styling and décor can add so much vibrancy to your wedding day. Recent trends are showing that brides and grooms are opting for more alternative styled weddings. We see more couples who want their personalities to be reflected in their wedding day. Traditional wedding rules are being left behind and couples are doing it their own way.

Planning a wedding is a very exciting time, especially when it comes to looking for inspiration for your wedding day. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to look for inspiration and latest wedding trends. One of the most exciting trends of 2020 is 70’s inspired weddings. Some of the most iconic 70’s moments are back in style for weddings. We’re talking flowing bohemian dresses, disco dancefloor, wildflower florals, greenery and even pampas grass! Whatever about the roaring 20’s, it is fair to say the 70’s era is the one that is roaring it's way back into wedding trends.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to 70’s inspired wedding styling. My two favourite pieces for adding some vintage charm to your wedding day are; peacock wicker chairs and macrame. Peacock wicker chairs are a stunning statement piece that are beautifully well crafted. Dressed with florals, these chairs can be used as part of a prop display, used as ceremony chairs or even as part of your table setting. Peacock wicker chairs add something different to a wedding day, whilst still giving a wow factor. Macrame is another piece that can be very versatile on your wedding day. It can be used on an arch, pew ends, chair backs and even a hanging cake stand. For me, the macrame arch is a must have for a 70’s inspired wedding, paired with a copper or wooden arch, and a floral swag. The macrame arch looks phenomenal on the day and is a beautiful addition to photographs.

At The Little Event Hire Co, we inspire to be different. We offer styling services and work with current trends to help guide couples to bring their vision to life. Nothing is more important to us than creating a magical and romantic setting for a wedding day. Whatever your style, it is your wedding day, your rules.

Chair backs : credited to adam and grace photography via

Peacock Chair: credited to E.M. Anderson via 100 Layer Cake

Macrame arches : credited

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