Luxury Boho picnic at boyne hill

Luxury BOHO Picnics

Providing you everything you need for your celebration in style

Vintage Glass ware

Luxury Boho Picnic

 Have you ever wanted a relaxed but stylish party?


Well our luxury boho picnics might be the option for you!

Providing something alternative for smaller gatherings , this is the perfect way to have a luxury celebration with your nearest and dearest.

Everything you need is provided, from our low Moroccan style tables to our small detailed touches for your guests.  Creating an authentic look with a relaxed vibe, our picnics are a great way to have a party on the lawn in style.

At Wild Feather, we are Ireland's first boho picnic provider. Our picnics are perfect for any event, whether is it a birthday, baby shower, hen party, a surprise date Night or even a wedding!.

Picnic Options

Group Picnic

Couple's Picnic

Boho Wedding picnic

Wedding reception with a difference!


Bohemian marquee tent, grazing table ,luxury boho picnic and much more!

This will be one to wait for!

Contact us for more details!

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